The Second Life

The Second Life the second hand the second hand for shops.

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How does it work?

Our solution

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Receive clothes from your customers that they wish to part with

The clothes must be in very good condition. We take back adult and child size clothing (from 1 month to 10 years old) from more than 18000 brands as long as the size and brand labels are present.


In a few seconds, thanks to The Second Life application, you get a buyback value

Our application offers you a buyback price calculated by our automatic argus. You have the option to top the calculated price.


Your customer receives an instant voucher

The voucher represents the sum of the redemption values (abundant or not) to spend in your store(s).


The Second Life buys back 100% of the items collected

Several options are available to you: you can send them to us, or put your favorite pieces on the shelf.

The Second Life brings you

Our numbers

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of additional traffic generated in store

2/3 of the clothes are sleeping in your customers' closets. They want to get rid of them!

+ 0 %
of revenue

Thanks to the vouchers distributed, your customers buy directly in your store.

0 %
of additional inventory

We buy back 100% of the collected parts. No inventory problem.

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